Justin Trudeau nonsense

Questions for Mr Trudeaus Latest & Radical Identity Politics Insanity

So, I have some questions. So many questions

Is there a “paint chart” available?

I’m in the beige/brown spectrum. Do I have “privilege”? Or am I “oppressed” and eligible for additional funding?

Without a proper colour chart, how am I ever to know?

Once I see said paint chart, and if I’m borderline “oppressed”, but still within the “privileged” skin colour range, can I go to a tanning salon and come back dark enough to shed my skin colour enhanced “privilege” and attain “oppressed” status?

How about ethnicity? Does one need to be from African descent? How about Dominican? How about South America? Are lighter skinned Latinos disqualified and “privileged”, while darker skin Latinos are “oppressed” and therefore eligible?

Once we determine someone is actually Black, do only those who can be proven to be “pure Black” qualify? How about if someone is “half Black”? Or “quarter Black”? Or – well, you get it. What level of purity of race do our insane Nazi overlords require in order to determine who has “privilege” vs who is “oppressed”?

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