Rebranding communism is still communism

Rebranding communism is still communism

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP085 - Rebranding communism is still communism

The Government of Canada hired an entire new “sub group” of public servants to investigate Canada’s economy and develop a plan to take Canada’s economy into the future. The group has been named “Canada Beyond 150”. They are supported and promoted by existing public sector monoliths such as The Privy Council Office and Policy Horizons Canada. One would think that if tax payers, knowingly or unknowingly, invested $100’s of millions of dollars into planning for our countries economic future, we certainly could do better then producing a roadmap which is nothing more than a flagrant roadmap to communism. You have got to give our civil servants some credit though, they did provide us the courtesy of rebranding communism to something much more palatable. Today we call communism the “access economy” and the Government of Canada is extremely proud of themselves for this accomplishment.

The Canadian Government seems determined to create an environment with soaring inflation and debt. Of course expecting a free market capitalist approach to solving these problems would simply be too much to expect from our public servants. Instead a plan specifically focussed around state ownership of the means of production and land/real estate, and simply renting access to such services to the citizens represents a much more “equitable” approach to our government.

Citizens access to assets and services is to be solely determined based on ones social credit scores, which are presumably defined by the same government deciding which class of assets you will be permitted access to. So, freedom of speech is to be replaced with a social credit score, which in turn will determine your “class” of citizenship and the level of assets and services you will have access to.

Linkages between ownership and social status are unstable, inequitable and of course racist. Earning what you generate is no longer desirable or equitable or fair. As such, the government will now determine which class of assets you are entitled to, based on variables like group identity along with your assigned social credit score.

Home ownership and other wealth is to be distributed based on a complex array of equity and diversity and inclusion formula.

You will own nothing, and you will be happy…

Ladies and gentlemen, I present you Canada’s communism *cough* Canada’s “access economy”

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP085 – Rebranding communism is still communism

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