Shaming and Snitching

Shaming and Snitching

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP022 – Shame and Snitch

Now that vaccines are available and the risk re COVID is extremely well understood. It’s time to return to basic principles.

This irrational group think, hive mind, “we’re all in this together” – when we clearly are not – nonsense needs to end.

The government and the media (but I repeat myself) need to get out of our lives and it’s time for people to make their own choices, their own decisions and determine their own levels of acceptable risk.

Most importantly. It’s time for businesses to open their doors and for people to decide if they are comfortable returning to normal and if they want a vaccine or not in order to do so.

We have Mayors like Toronto’s John Tory, openly calling for the police to practice “naming and shaming” techniques.

This irresponsible rhetoric must cause horrific and overwhelming deja vu for those who lived and survived through Pravda Communist Russia and the relentless Gestapo which shielded these authoritarian monsters from its citizens. It empowers the meekest amongst us to self-validate and proliferate disgusting behaviour and outbursts.

The most horrific amongst us openly label and shame those who refuse to give up even their most basic of human rights. Its almost as if the Nuremberg trials and the Geneva convention never took place. A person daring to be selective and actually choose what or what not to put into their bodies, is now labelled as an “anti-vaxxer”, and a horrifically selfish person who puts others at risk – when more accurately, any sensible and rational human being would consider themselves to be a “selective vaxxer”, and quite compassionate towards the needs of others.

Today I break down the nonsensical arguments from those who reflect, label, guilt and shame others into compliance. I expose them for the selfish cowards they truly are. These are the worst amongst us, those who flagrantly demonstrate their unwillingness to protect children, who openly demonstrate disdain for the lives of others, while self righteously and narcissistically accuse others of selfishly putting peoples lives at risk.

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas – EP022 – Shaming and Snitching

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