critical race theory

Social justice Ideology in a few nut shells

A hopefully digestible short version of the social Justice Ideology for dummies:

Social Justice ideology (rooted in Critical Race Theory) teaches that ethnic identity and skin color determine who and what is good and right in our society,

Reason, or critical thinking are NOT necessary because of the original sin of “whiteness.”

Social Justice ideology positions itself as the “one-and-only-right-way” as do most cults, past and present.

Its primary function is to promote segregation and hate, wrapped neatly with the good causes it has yet to prove helpful for, as Liberalism did with the Civil Rights Act.

It teaches that only, and all “white people” are racist, which is similar to how the Nazi’s portrayed the Jews.

Social Justice ideology (Critical Race Theory) has crept into western societies over the past 40+ years, its hateful tropes (white privilege) being taught in our schools, acquiesced to by journalists, and mandated by institutions.

The president of the United States banned it from being taught in the government for good reason.

“Woke” Social Justice ideology insists Liberal democracy be completely dismantled.

“Woke” Social Justice ideology denies the Universal values of the Enlightenment.

“Woke” Social Justice ideology (Critical Race Theory) posits a problematizing, and criticizing, and ultimately cynical world view that offers no hope for redemption because racism is permanent and everywhere (even where it’s not).

Social Justice ideology uses shame, fear, and victimization to silence, intimidate, and control the unsuspecting.

Social Justice ideology demands diversity and inclusion in everything but—diversity of ideas.

Social Justice ideology is fueling the riots in the United States—the most prosperous and diverse nation in human history.

But there is hope:

Say no to Social Justice ideology. Saying “I reject your hypothesis,” shouldn’t automatically qualify anyone to be call a “racist, bigot, homophobic, trans-phobe, misogynist, white supremacist, cis-white-patriarchal male” and all that.

Contrary to Robin DiAngelo’s trending opinion, most people are not racist. Nor do all people from ethnic backgrounds other than Caucasian feel like victims of racism.

Questions to think about:

1) Why should anyone believe that the Social Justice ideology is the one-and-only-right-way to deal with the problem of racism?

2) Why does the Social Justice movement never talk about the great progress that has been achieved with ending racism over the past 50 years?

3) Who makes up these rules?

Cheers to your individual sovereignty! (If you so choose)


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Michael Allen