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For the Love of God and Virgins is a gripping love story that takes place against a background of convoluted agendas. As the action moves between Jerusalem and London the reader is caught up in Jennifer’s yearning for peace, both in her country and at home.

Readers throughout the world will love this exciting and very personal account of living in Israel and have a chance to consider how Israel is treated by the world.

Pam Peled grew up in South Africa, in the brutal days of Apartheid. She lives near Tel Aviv. She is the Author of three books and delivers workshops about Shakespeare at Universities and online. You can connect with her on FB (Pam Peled) and buy her books on Amazon.

As of Today’s Recording: 2020-12-14…There has been no peace deals in the Middle East since 1994 until this past week, where there has been a historic 3 peace deals signed in 49 days. What does this peace mean for the world?

Washington DC this weekend

Washington DC this weekend

Predictably, the official media narrative, the official story – is these “stop the steal” protestors are a threat to public health and safety – and of course, violent. This is the same media which portrayed Black Lives Matter protests as zero threat to public health and safety and “mostly peaceful”

Will Canadians fight?

Will Canadians Fight?

IQALUIT, Nunavut — Nunavut’s legislature members have voted former housing and Nunavut Arctic College minister Patterk Netser out of cabinet over a post he made on social media.

Premier Joe Savikataaq put a motion forward earlier this week to remove Netser from cabinet.