Down with the Sickness

CH1 Podcast EP007 – Down with the Sickness

I think we all owe Chris a debt of gratitude, regardless of what you may or may not think of the man and his tactics. Personally, I didn’t approve of all of Chris Skys (Chris Saccoccias) tactics. However, I am now rethinking that position. Chris has exposed the ultimate goal here. Comply, or else. This is, no matter how you look at it, forced compliance with the state, and ultimately, compliance is being forced at gun point. This coming from the same government that is working so diligently to disarm Canadian citizens and take their guns away. I’m sorry, but, if a government is clearly demonstrating their intention to use guns (which is literally what they are doing when they send the police)

Marci Ien - Marxist

Case Study: How The Marxist Radical Left infiltrates Canadian Politics – Marci Ien

Marci uses her massive platform to accuse Toronto Police of being “racist” against her. Her claim is that she was pulled over, on 3-4 occasions, apparently for no other reason than her skin pigmentation. In each instance, she was let off with a warning. This apparently infuriated her and she felt compelled to use her platform to scold the police and accuse them of being racist. Marci is shameless forgoing any personal responsibility and demonstrates literally zero moral vigor. She is willing to virtue signal her oppression at all costs