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Authoritarianism in Canada

Authoritarianism in Canada

Authoritarianism, by definition, is the enforcement or advocacy of strict obedience to authority at the expense of personal freedom. There are zero scenarios in society which accommodate a government stripping you of all of your rights and freedoms under the guise of public health and safety. The Canadians who demand you adhere to authoritarianism, else …

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Trudeau pledges fealty

CH1 Podcast EP013 – Andrew Rouchotas – Trudeau Pledges Fealty

So, not to be outdone by Mike Blanchard at Global News openly revealing that Trudeau has ”pledged fealty to the world order” – I mean one would think thats a massive bombshell that would be flooding our media and airwaves for days. heated debates and discussions, calls for elections, calls for Trudeau to step down right? nope… just stated matter of factly, right to your face – and not a peep – why?

CH1 Podcast EP007 - Down with the sickness

Down with the Sickness

Ironically enough, and following the dismantling of our own Global Public Health Intelligence Network (GPHIN), Canada was in trouble. Lacking our own internal resources and processes, Canada made the fateful decision to double down our commitment to the WHO, and increased our funding by almost $1 BILLION to this organization.

Doug Ford Media Puppet

Doug Ford Media Puppet

CH1 Podcast Episode 001 – In this episode I demonstrate how Doug Ford forms his opinions and positions based on the perspective of our media. I also demonstrate how the media uses “social justice” selectively based on the narratives they are pushing, and completely ignoring social justice when its not convenient towards their narratives.