Socialist Coup in Canada

Leslyn Lewis: There is a socialist coup unfolding in Canada, and we taxpayers are funding it

Looking back on the Canada Summer Jobs debacle we see the Liberals had already taken their first shot at controlling who was worthy of government support based on personal beliefs. They simply hide behind government bureaucracy to do it. They have made it plain that they believe those same beliefs make people unfit to serve in public office, become judges or hold any position of influence in society.

Conrad Black: Freeland prepares to take us down a self-defeating path

Conrad Black: Freeland prepares to take us down a self-defeating path

Conrad Black eloquently dissects the flagrant Marxist/Communist agenda being proposed by CHrystia Freeland and Justin Trudeau. Wealth redistribution, leveraging a “public health crisis” towards launching a flagrant socialist economy, constant climate alarmism – and simply every other fear mongering based tool at their disposal – to destroy Canadian small business and entrepreneurs, and turn Canada into a full fledged socialist state

Canada is falling to Marxism

Canada is Falling to Marxism

I have received some criticism from various people over the use of my terminology. That’s not communism Andrew, what you are describing is socialism, or fascism, or totalitarianism or – well – you understand by now. I typically do not bother debating semantical terms with people, and rather, choose to be happy that people are beginning to understand something is very wrong in our society today and that we are trending away from free market capitalism, freedom and democracy and dangerously towards indentured servitude to our political masters.