The politicization of politics

The politicization of science

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP043 – The politicization of science

Today, every significant issue has become politicized via bastardized science, to the point where “science” is quite literally replacing religion in our society. I am personally not religious what so ever, but, this is untenable. Science which aligns with the ideological narratives of our political and media elite classes, is righteous. Opposing science is heresy spewed by far alt right conspiracy theorists, and must be immediately censored and silenced.

When science is politicized like this, it always and inevitably leads to tyranny and death.

An inexpensive, effective and safe drug (Hydroxychloroquine – HCQ) was banned in several countries. Fake science was actually created demonstrating the hazards of its use. Medical professionals were censored and discredited if they presented opposing science and data. The fake science has since been rebuked, and social media has had to apologize for their censorship of conflicting data. The real world cost to human life, directly contributable to the politicization of science, has been ignored.

There is zero actual scientific basis to masking the general population as a response to a viral outbreak. None what so ever, yet, our ideologically aligned scientists are now demanding we wear 2 and even 3 masks at a time. There is zero scientific evidence supporting our current lockdown measure, or keeping our children from normalcy – yet here we are, and at immeasurable cost to human life.

Climate change is likely something we should all be concerned with. How are we supposed to take this seriously when politicians and scientists insist that California will be underwater within 10 years unless we destroy our economy and implement socialism in its place. Meanwhile prominent politicians are spending $100’s of millions buying up ocean front properties in California.

CH1 Podcast Andrew Rouchotas EP043 – The politicization of science

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