This is something nobody seems willing to discuss

This is something nobody seems willing to discuss

We know that this virus almost exclusively kills the elderly, and especially those in long term care facilities

Yet, instead of protecting our vulnerable, we choose to hide in our homes. We shutter our businesses and we mask our children – all because we are afraid of catching a virus that, for the rest of us, is no more deadly than the flu

This is pure cowardice

You allowed our politicians and our media to scare you. You allowed, and are still allowing, our elderly and vulnerable to die, alone and scared

40,000 of the worlds leading subject matter experts have signed the Great Barrington Declaration. Our politicians and media drive fear and panic. They label the worlds leading subject matter experts as “far alt right conspiracy theorists”. They insist you follow the science, while they ignore the actual science

I ask all Canadians to search their souls

I challenge all Canadians to research and form their own opinions

I demand all Canadians face the fact that while you are cowering in fear, while you are wearing your masks and while you are participating in this nonsense – you are directly complicit in torturing and killing our elderly and most vulnerable

It’s not too late for redemption, its not too late to be brave and it’s not too late to save lives
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