Toronto Center Riding. A living case study demonstrating the absolute failure of the ideas and policies of the radical Canadian left

Toronto Center Riding. A living Case Study Demonstrating the Absolute Failure of the Ideas and Policies of the Radical Canadian Left

CH1 Podcast EP009 – Toronto Center Riding. A living case study demonstrating the absolute failure of the ideas and policies of the radical Canadian left

The Toronto Central riding, as a result of corruption at the highest levels of our Federal Government, is now vacant, with a pending and upcoming byelection later this month having been called to fill the vacancy. Bill Morneau previously held this seat. He of course accomplished nothing in Toronto Central towards resolving the various identity and income inequality hot button issues so extensively interwoven into the Liberal Partys platform. A district where massive levels of poverty amongst the black and minority communities can clearly be witnessed. A district where single mothers, particularly black single mothers, struggle to make ends meet. They lack any educational options for their children (other than the state run schools which perpetually produce children from these neighbourhoods who are shockingly illiterate in the basics of English and Math) – as a result, destroying all hope these mothers have for a brighter future for their children. Violent crime rates are soaring in this district, only to be outdone by the soaring rates of homelessness and the soaring rates of drug abuse and associated overdose deaths. Not only did Bill Morneau’s Liberal policies pragmatically make all of these problems worse in his riding, he surprisingly was not dismissed for these failures. I was unable to even find a single article by any media outlet or journalist in Canada outlining the failures of his policies in the Toronto Central district. He was instead promoted to the position of Canadian Minister of Finance, and finally forced to resign following the WE charity scandal, where the most senior Canadian politicians were caught “red handed”, funnelling massive amounts of tax payer dollars, out of a children’s charity no less, into their families bank accounts.

The Toronto Central Riding is currently where I call home. I was forced to move back here, after spending the last 20 or so years living on the lake in the country a couple of hours drive outside of the city. This area is essentially where I was raised, and this is where I spent most of my young adulthood. My wife and I bought our first home here. We finally decided this neighbourhood was simply not feasible for safely raising a family, and moved out to the country – this almost 20 years ago. Having to move back to Toronto Central recently, for family reasons, even if just temporarily, is a clear reminder just how useless the politicians running this district have been over the last 20 years. Nothing, over the last 20 years of Liberal leadership, has gotten better here, and absolutely everything has gotten worse. Considering the names and statures of the various candidates who have been parachuted through this district, and just how powerful they became in Canadian politics, one must at least start asking some questions.

Annamie Paul, new leader of the Green Party is simply the latest radical left candidate being parachuted into this hard left district. Annamie, like Liberal Party candidates who have been parachuted into this district before her – Bill Morneau and Chrystia Freeland for example – all pompously preach their radical ideologies to us simpletons like we’re all idiots. This time around, not to be out done by the Green Party’s radicalized agenda, the Liberals are parachuting Marci Ien into this riding.

Toronto Central is becoming a breeding ground for radical ideologues. Regardless of the election outcome, Toronto Central will continue to lose, as will the rest of Canada, if we continue to allow the most radicalized and insane politicians to gain entry into our political infrastructure from this riding.

What will Annamie Paul, despite all her matter of fact proclamations of “systemic racism” and “income inequality” in Canada, do to address such issues in Toronto Central? As leader of the Green Party, she certainly will not do anything in Toronto Central except drive larger and larger income inequality gaps, while simultaneously accusing Canadians of being systemically racist. Ironically enough, one would think her identity as a black woman, and being the leader of a significant Canadian political party, and one of the most powerful people within the Canadian system, would automatically invalidate her claims that Canada is “systemically racist” against her – but, apparently, as she will eagerly and perniciously dictate to you, you would be incorrect in that assumption – you bigot. Also ironically enough, if she were to be elected in Toronto Central, her policies would continue to be oppressive towards the black and minority communities here. Magically however, her policies would not be the problem. She will certainly remind you that racism, and systemic racism in Canada are the real culprits here. Certainly not her horrific ideas and ridiculously naive policies. Got that you bigots?

What if Marci Ien is elected? Marci has proven herself to be a flagrant racist, and nothing more than a flagrant race baiter. What exactly will Marci Ien accomplish as an MP (Member of Parliament) in Toronto Central? Rest assured, once elected, Marci will turn her focus towards a cabinet position. Maybe she too will rise to a “Minister of Finance” position as her Liberal predecessors in this riding, Bill Morneau and Chrystia Freeland, achieved. Marci Ien, as she has done throughout her career, will simply play the race card. Being a woman of colour will be enough to propel her to the heights of Canadian politics. Will she be held accountable for her outcomes in Toronto Central? Well, of course not, as according to the radical left and their insane identity politics, the only outcomes which actually matter must be represented in nothing more than the identity of those placed into positions of power. The actual results achieved, in the predominantly poor black and minority communities they are elected to represent, no matter how spectacularly ugly the results, are completely safe to ignore. After all, will Marci be held accountable if the black community in Toronto Central continues to fall deeper and deeper into poverty while she is the MP of this riding? If more and more black women become struggling single mothers, and if more of their children fail to receive a proper education, will any of our media even question her policies and ideas? If Marci Ien is elected as the MP in Toronto Central and completely fails to address these problems, will this prevent her from being assigned a senior cabinet position? Or will our corrupt media stumble over themselves to heap praise upon the Liberal Party for the bravery associated with giving a person, along with their failed ideas and policies, a larger platform to operate on and even more lives to destroy, simply based on nothing more than her identity? It would be racist and sexist of course to suggest that a person failed at their job if that person is a woman and black correct? So, best to not offend, and best to cheerlead the only result that matters. More power must be given to people with specific sexual organs and particular concentrations of melatonin in their skin. To suggest otherwise, to simply suggest that a person, regardless of identity, should actually have good ideas and a track record of success before being promoted, will get you labelled as a racist bigot and ultimately cancelled for your brazen heresy against the identity politics zealots.

Of course, all bets are off with our partisan and corrupt media If the aforementioned black woman is a conservative, lets say like Dr Leslyn Lewis, the media will be quick to paint this black woman in a negative light because of her “social conservative” views. You see, a black woman is only valuable to the insane identity politics ideologues, if her policies align with their identity. The radical left only believe in “diversity and inclusion” if ones ideas align with their skin pigmentation and the pre-scripted ideologies and ideas one possessing such skin pigmentation is required to adhere to. After all, a black woman must possess the ideas they deem mandatory for a black woman to possess, otherwise, and wait for it, they will label that black woman racist and sexist – yes, even against herself apparently.

Apparently, no one bothered defining racism to these psychopaths. They can’t even be bothered looking up the definition of the word they so frivolously throw around. Because, if they did, if they even bothered cracking open a dictionary, they would know that expecting pre-defined ideas and beliefs from someone, simply based on their skin colour, is by its very definition, racist. But, I digress.

I imagine Marci Ien, much like Chrystia Freeland before her, who despite her clear lack of experience and qualifications, and despite her abject failures in the Toronto Central, will be rewarded for nothing more than her identity. The appointment of Chrystia Freeland was applauded by journalists across Canada. A woman being given the critical roles of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance was absolutely required within a country like Canada, which, as we have been told, has been poisoned by systemic “patriarchal” oppression.

The fact Chrystia Freeland pragmatically did absolutely nothing to stop human trafficking in her district, and the fact that single motherhood rates soared in Toronto South during her tenure as the MP in this district, and the fact that predominantly black children were negatively impacted from this shocking increase in single motherhood rate, has been completely ignored. Despite her complete and quantifiable failures in Toronto Central, with respect to all the issues Chrystia Freeland told us were fundamentally critical if Canada is to succeed moving forward, Chrystia Freeland was named Deputy PM of Canada and the Minister of Finance for Canada. Considering her undeniable failures in addressing these issues in Toronto Central, one is safe to assume she was awarded these positions simply based on her identity. Unless anyone can illustrate how she demonstrably made a positive difference with respect to these issues in ANY riding she has occupied as an MP, it becomes a pretty clear indicator that she wasn’t rewarded for her on the job performance correct?

This is the problem with identity politics. This is the sleight of hand these imbecilic radicals play on society. This is the nonsense which wouldn’t survive even a single second in the private sector. If our media did their jobs and operated as the free press, instead of being nothing more than corrupt and partisan propagandists, this shear stupidity would not be tolerated in the Public Sector either. Apparently, when tax payer dollars are involved, everyone is perfectly willing to forgo results and accountability to their stakeholders.

When you base outcomes on nothing more than identity, you completely ignore the outcomes which actually matter. Does it matter if a person completely failed at their role on a smaller scale? Typically, no one would be rewarded for failure. Except of course, in Canadian politics. Failure apparently, does not matter as much as identity. Who cares if Chrystia Freeland and Marci Ien completely fail at their roles in Toronto Central. Who cares if their ideas and their policies were proven, in real world practice, to be abject failures. The fact they possess the correct genitalia and/or the correct skin pigmentation, means they can take their failed ideas and their failed policies, and put them into real world practice, and on scales orders of magnitude larger, all across Canada. After all, who cares if Canadians suffer, who cares if Canadians starve and who cares if Canadians die. These people must be allowed to perpetuate their horrific, self serving ideas and their nefarious policies, simply because they possess the prerequisite sexual organs and the adequate quantity of melatonin in their skin.

The Liberal Party, continue to have a strangle hold on the Toronto Central. They guarantee the district continues to vote for radical ideologies by cutting deals with the Bay Street financiers out of one side of their mouths, while promising more and more “free stuff” to the large, and growing, lower income folks, and folks already living in abject poverty within this district, out the other side of their mouths.

What’s most shocking however, is people like Bill Morneau and Chrystia Freeland both have moved from MPs in Toronto Central to become Ministers of Finance for Canada. They have done absolutely nothing to solve poverty issues, sexism, racism or income inequality in the Toronto Central district. They haven’t been able to manage the finances properly within ONE riding. Yet, somehow, they are rewarded with even more power and authority and are tasked with solving these perceived problems nationally across Canada? Would Marci Ien, or Annamie Paul do any better in the Toronto South district? Would they do any better for Canada?

The media are so caught up in their identity politics narratives, they don’t even bother asking the questions. When the media and “journalists”, like Chantal Hébert of The Toronto Star, do cover these candidates, do they think to ask them such questions? Does the thought even cross their minds? LIKE – What are you going to do in your riding, in Toronto Central, to fix these issues you claim are so critical and representative across Canada? Well, of course not. The radicalized media will help them play their pointless and valueless game of identity politics, and will not even try and hold them accountable for their perpetual failures within the Toronto Central District. What does a “journalist” like Chantal Hébert write about? She wonders out loud if Annamie Paul should be accommodated, you know, as a black woman. She argues that the NDP owe her one, and should not run anyone in this riding in order to give her a better chance of winning. She agrees with Annamie Paul, and forget the laws of the land, that the election date should be changed to accommodate Annamie Paul, of course, lacking all rhyme or reason for such an argument, she simply shifts to the media’s go to messaging – because of COVID, the politicians who we support, must have their agendas accommodated.

Toronto Central is buried in poverty and homelessness. Drug abuse, prostitution and trafficking of all sorts are rampant in the district. Rates of shootings and stabbings are horrifyingly on the rise – one would never have thought that the violence in this riding could get worse. Just goes to show you. Never underestimate just how bad things can get after years of Liberal leadership and Liberal Party policies. If Toronto Central is any indicator, no matter how badly the Liberal policies turn out, they can, and will, make things even worse.

I don’t know Chantal Hebert at all. But, I’ll extend her an olive branch here. Why not come down to Toronto Central? I’ll give you the guided tour. We can take a stroll through the various tent city strongholds. Just make sure to wear the appropriate footwear. Wouldn’t want a dirty needle stabbing you in the foot. Maybe we can clean up some of the dirty needles together, and ensure the children playing in the neighbourhood (mostly black and minority children) can avoid the human feces, puddles of urine and dirty needles hidden everywhere in the grass, you know, where the children play tag and hide & seek. Why not sit down and talk to some of the single mothers struggling in these neighbourhoods. Many of which have lost their jobs as a result of our public health policies, and most of which cannot afford proper day care for their children. These mothers must be thrilled to watch their children play in and around tent cities, whose population is generously sprinkled with both violent criminals and sexual predators our politicians so wisely released from our jails – you know, to stop the spread of COVID. These mothers must be thrilled watching their children play in areas littered with human feces and dirty needles. No fear however, these children are perfectly safe from the real hazard (COVID) threatening their health and safety at school because of the masks we force them to wear. These mothers will likely be eager to outline their concerns about the complete lack of educational choices for their children. You can personally see the sorrow and the panic in their eyes as they demonstrate how clearly they understand that their children are growing up illiterate and falling in with gangs and adopting criminal behaviour. Ask them how they feel about the generational welfare traps the Liberal policies, seemingly targeting single black mothers and their children, have created in these neighbourhoods. Don’t worry however, the same politicians who create these malicious policies, will simply turn around and accuse Canada, and Canadians, of being “systemically racist” – thats the real problem here.

I understand that I have been extremely harsh towards the Liberal Party and the Green Party so far here – and I do not apologize, not even a little bit for it. This criticism has been well earned. Having said this however, I do not believe the issues in Toronto Central are solely partisan in nature. There is certainly plenty of blame to go around here. Where are the Conservatives in Toronto Central? They have simply abandoned this riding to the Liberals for decades at this point.

It is extremely difficult to find out who is running on the right side of the political spectrum in Toronto Central. Ironically enough, the media have 1000s of articles pontificating the various glories of the black female candidates running on the left side of the spectrum – for the Liberal Party (Marci Ien) and the Green Party (Annamie Paul). BUT, for some strange reason, not a single article is to be found anywhere about the Conservative Candidate (Benjamin Sharma) nor the Peoples Party Candidate (Baljit Bawa). I know this isn’t at all surprising, but, its worth repeating. Identity only seems to matter if the identity is representing the ideas the flagrantly partisan (and racist) media agrees should be representative of their identity. How else do you explain two people of colour, both recent immigrants to Canada, being completely ignored by our media, simply because of their political alignment and the ideas they represent. Apparently, black voices and voices of colour only matter on the left side of the political spectrum correct? Remember, these are the same clowns who are quick to call you a bigot if you disagree with them.

I will do my absolute best to connect with both of you gentlemen over the coming weeks – Benjamin Sharma (Conservative candidate) and Baljit Bawa (Peoples Party candidate). I have a challenge for both of you. Clearly outline a platform to clean up the Liberal mess that is Toronto Central. How on earth have you folks perpetually lost elections to such inept candidates, over and over again? We are literally speaking decades at this point.

Put as plainly as possible, the Conservatives are no better than the Liberals who have ruled this district for so long. One could make the argument, and in fact, I am making this argument, that the Conservatives are directly complicit in the destruction of Toronto Central. Your own inability to win an election in a district so completely devastated by horrific policies is simply mind boggling. Do you folks not have any better ideas to bring to the table? Are you not willing to go knock on doors and talk to the people in this district? This isn’t like trying to sell ice to Inuits here. These people have very clearly identifiable needs. They need Conservative values implemented in these communities. They need educational choices for their children. They need a larger police presence in their neighbourhoods, not this asinine and ideologically driven “defund the police” nonsense our idiotic Mayor John Tory is forcing down the throats of our most crime ridden neighbourhoods. They need entrepreneurial programs and initiatives, not forced closures of the precious few businesses which still remain in their neighbourhoods. If your ideas are practically better than the Liberals ideas, then go into these neighbourhoods and pitch your ideas and policies. More importantly, stick around long enough to execute your policies. Fix the decades old problems in these communities, and these communities will elect you and your policies and platforms for decades to come.

Just imagine how that would play on the national stage.