Trudeau speaks openly about implementing socialism post COVID

Trudeau, ministers to plan Canada’s post-coronavirus path in 2nd day of retreat

When Trudeau announced last month that he was proroguing Parliament, he said it would return with a throne speech that would set out a bold new agenda to rebuild a healthier, safer, fairer, greener, more inclusive, more competitive economy.

I think its time that Canadians begin questioning such rhetoric from our Media. Corona Virus is either a public health threat, or its not. If the economy needs to be crippled for 2 more years, business owners and entrepreneurs need to be assured the rules are not going to change. The Trudeau Government is flagrantly tell us that it will take 2 years to implement their new socialist economy.

They should not even be permitted to continue to cripple the economy and devastate the private sector, specifically small businesses owners and entrepreneurs, while positioning that the economy can only re-open as a new “green” economy being more “inclusive”. The Trudeau government, including the new Minister of Finance, Chrystia Freeland, are openly talking about wealth re-distribution and equity within the new economy which will be resumed post COVID. It is unconscionable to piggy back the COVID Public Health Policy with a thinly veiled plan to implement a socialist economy. Destroying the private sector, and using a Public Health Crisis to justify it, while openly promoting a new socialist economy is not what Canadians have signed up for.

We were a free capitalist society going into COVID, and Canadians should demand to be a free capitalist society coming out of COVID. Flagrant and open socialism is not an acceptable outcome of the COVID Public Health measures.
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