Washington DC this weekend

Washington DC this weekend

The media was silent. That is until the modern day brown shirts (ANTIFA) showed up, after dark, and initiated violence

Predictably, the official media narrative, the official story – is these “stop the steal” protestors are a threat to public health and safety – and of course, violent. This is the same media which portrayed Black Lives Matter protests as zero threat to public health and safety and “mostly peaceful”

Absolutely everything is politicized, with zero demonstrable tolerance towards any opinion or action contrary to the official radical left narratives

At this point, anything right of Karl Marx is officially a “far alt right conspiracy theory”

We have been watching a communist revolution – in real time

I think a US civil war is inevitable at this point

Sadly, Canadians seem to have surrendered, without even the dignity of a fight

NOTE – to the Canadians who are fighting…. THANK YOU

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