Welcome to Communism

Welcome to Communism

The reason COVID has become politicized is because this was never about a virus

You are watching the 100 year battle of free market capitalism vs communism being waged on our shores, and in our society, and in real time

Canada has clearly fallen, as the rot has adequately penetrated both sides of the political spectrum. We seem to lack even a single political leader with the requisite stones to defend actual science and stave off the ruthless assault from our corrupt and ideologically driven state propagandist Pravda media

(EDIT there are obviously some regional/local politicians speaking out and fighting and I am grateful to them and I appreciate their efforts)

The control of the means of production is being shifted to the government and big enterprises. Their competition is being destroyed. Next up, the power of the labour force will crumble, as options will simply cease to exist and you will be at their mercy. Wages and benefits will be stripped and those who supported this nonsense will realize they have been duped. But it will be too late. Not like they can quit and start their own businesses or go work for a different company. As all companies will be the same, with the same rules and the same policies

We witnessed the US election be stolen, as good communists always do. We watched them surround the US Capitol Buildings with walls, barbed wire fencing and armed soldiers. They knew what they had done and they were afraid of the people’s response. There wasn’t one. At least the US is fighting back, with a consortium of states announcing their freedom and forming coalitions to politically draw a line in the sand and start to push back. Not surprisingly, you see all the major brands aligning with the tyrannical communist government to condemn such actions, labelling them “racist” and a “threat to our democracy”

Here in Canada, they will seize power forever by leveraging COVID to force elections with mass mail in ballots and destroy our democratic process – all the while accusing any opposition they face as being – you guessed it – a “threat to our democracy”

All that’s left now is to perpetually form public opinion and go to any lengths possible to hide and vilify dissenting opinions – until such time where such dissent can simply be eliminated. You will be told what to think, you will think as you are told, or you will pretend to think as you are told – as otherwise you will be excluded from society and will join the great unwashed peasant masses living in destitution with your universal basic income pittance and lining up for food and supplies. Don’t worry, even that will be stripped from you if you fail to learn your lesson the first time

Canadians, via our tax dollars, are literally paying our media to lie to us, to strip us of our freedoms and to enslave us to communism and tyranny. My how far, and how quickly we have fallen from charging beaches in Normandy to ensure our descendants lived free