What I have learned about the Covid cure from the medical experts and politicians

What I have learned about the Covid cure from the medical experts and politicians

For those of you who follow me on my blog, you know I have been following and writing about Covid 19, the Chinese Virus, since March 2020.

I have read as many expert opinions as I could find, and that has been problematic as Twitter and Facebook have refused to post anything that goes against Dr. Anthony Fauci. I listened to the lectures given on a regular basis by our self-anointed “essential” public health experts and politicians.

Based on their actions, it seems to me that the powers-that-be have concluded that the only way to crush Covid 19, the Chinese Virus, is to crush all small businesses and all the people associated with them.

I also learned that if you protest for BLM or Antifa you will not get Covid. If you go to any house of worship, you will. If you wear a mask in Walmart, Costco or any big box store that sells items from China you will not get Covid. I know this because the medical experts and politicians have kept these stores open with hundreds of shoppers, whenever the hospitals are overflowing and the ICU’s are full and the numbers of Covid cases go up too fast ( I am not sure what “too fast” means). On the other hand these leaders are quick to lock down our local small businesses because they know small businesses are super-spreaders and one is sure to catch Covid, even when wearing a mask and using hand sanitizer at the hairdresser, the toy store, the book shop, barbershop, the esthetician, the bike store, the clothing store… And coffee shops and restaurants? Too dangerous. They must be shut down.

Except they are not. But, one does not want to contradict the prevailing fear-mongering of our leaders and media or one will be censored and canceled.

Oh, I just learned that playing hockey outside is bad for your health as is snow skiing. It must be true because our political and medical experts have closed the ski slopes until late January. Who knew?  Covid lives on the ski slopes and hockey rinks.

Thankfully, you cannot catch Covid at the liquor or cannabis stores. Remarkable.

This Covid virus is brilliant.

I know people are dying because the media tells me 24/7 and warns me about overcapacity at the hospitals. It is the fear of overwhelming hospitals that makes it absolutely imperative that we shut down our lives. How is it possible that neither government nor medical experts worked out a way to prepare hospitals and elder care homes for the various waves of the pandemic despite the fact we have been fighting the good fight for nine months and we were told another wave was on the way?  I guess the politicians and experts were too busy shutting down the economy to prepare the health care system for what they knew was coming. Oh well.

While our politicians and medical experts are fighting the good fight against Covid, they seem to have lost sight of the deaths of too many citizens from things like suicide caused by unemployment, desperation, hopelessness, helplessness and fear. Nothing to see here, folks. These deaths are just collateral damage.

Meanwhile we learned from a California-based ABC News station that  reported in May:

  • “Doctors at John Muir Medical Center in Walnut Creek say they have seen more deaths by suicide during this quarantine period than deaths from the COVID-19 virus.”
  • Mike deBoisblanc, head of the trauma unit at the hospital stated that he’s “seen a year’s worth of suicide attempts in the last four weeks,” and “mental health is suffering so much” that he says “it is time to end the shelter-in-place order.”
  • A study published by the American Medical Association in September found that 27.8% of U.S. adults had symptoms of depression during the C-19 pandemic as compared to 8.5% before the pandemic. The same 2015 meta-analysis found that depression is associated with a 71% higher risk of death.
  • An article published by the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco estimated that “more than 20 million jobs” were “swept away” in the early months of the C-19 pandemic. The potential repercussions of this are highlighted by a 2011 meta-analysis in the journal Social Science & Medicine about mortality, “psychosocial stress,” and job losses. It found that “unemployment is associated with a 63% higher risk of mortality in studies controlling for covariates.”

The same 2011 meta-analysis found that the correlation between unemployment and death “is significant in both the short and long term,” lending “some support to the hypothesis and previous findings that both the stress and the negative lifestyle effects associated with the onset of unemployment tend to persist even after a person has regained a job.”

A study published by the journal European Psychiatry in May found that:

  • governments failed to model the “increased short-term and long-term mortality” caused by the mental health impacts of COVID-19 mitigation strategies like social distancing and lockdowns.
  • these actions increased “suicide, depression, alcohol use disorder, childhood trauma due to domestic violence, changes in marital status, and social isolation.”
  • Lockdowns to control the spread of C-19 can actually cause more C-19 deaths by preventing the development of herd immunity among healthy people – the vast majority of whom are very resilient to the virus.
  • And that only accounts for added C-19 deaths. In addition, lockdowns trigger hordes of other types of deaths both immediately and in the long-term by causing anxiety, depression, missed medical care, unemployment, and poverty.

How many more have died since those reports were released?

A British Medical Journal paper – shows that there comes a tipping point where broad lockdowns cause more C-19 deaths than balanced measures. Again, that’s in addition to all of the other deadly effects of lockdowns. Not to worry.

But we should all be dancing in the streets, now. Glory, Hallelujah, in the season of miracles, a real miracle has taken place. There is a Covid vaccine! The vaccine is meant to release us from our government imposed bondage. Yet, there’s Fauci saying the U.S. is at a critical phase of the pandemic, with the worst probably still ahead.And President-elect Biden says we are coming up to our darkest days! Darker than he originally thought! How is that possible?

Unless “We the people” rise up and take back our businesses, our way of life from the tyranny of governance, a thick veil of darkness will descend over us all, and freedom, so hard fought to acquire, will be lost. As will we.