Why Socialism always leads to tyranny

Why socialism always leads to tyranny

Why can’t socialism work Andrew? Come on Andrew, you seriously mean to tell me that even if they rebrand it to “Democratic Socialism”, it still won’t work?

For Heavens sake Andrew, this is Canada. Stop being so paranoid. Tyranny can never happen in Canada they shriek at me while standing in their predetermined marked spot on the floor, wearing a mask they are forced and shamed into wearing, while at the grocery store during the one hour per day they are permitted to leave their homes

Ask yourself how much Canadians pay each year to fund our socialist healthcare system

Now ask yourself how Canada has spent to a nearly $2 Trillion debt in order to fight COVID

OK – last question here. Now ask yourself how it’s possible that we do not have the requisite medical capacity to handle something like COVID, when places like Sweden, Florida, Texas, South Dakota, etc clearly do

The answer is simple. It’s the same answer in every country which allowed itself to be overrun by corrupt civil servants offering the people everything for free. Pragmatically, they accomplish nothing except transforming their country into a socialist hell hole, but, I digress

Our civil servants are corrupt. Our healthcare system has been horrifically mismanaged and one can only speculate how many $100’s of BILLIONS has leaked out of the system to directly or indirectly enrich our civil servants

Once their incompetence is exposed for all to see, the standard operating procedure is to take control of the media and perpetually, via shameless fear mongering propaganda, blame the citizens for their own failures and corruptions

They strip your wealth and freedoms from you, because if you knew the truth, you would strip their wealth and freedoms from them

That is why and how socialism always ends in tyranny

So endeth the lesson