Will Canadians fight?

Will Canadians Fight?

I’m sad to report, although completely expected, our government has forcibly removed an Inuit man from parliament for saying “all lives matter” and for questioning the disproportionate rate of abortion amongst black women (ironically enough, this is something black activists have fought against for years).


I covered this story on CH1 (article + podcast) when it first surfaced.

This man said absolutely nothing wrong. Nothing at all. We are now allowing radical Marxists to feign offence. They can cancel speech, cancel thoughts and ideas, cancel rational discussion and debate and cancel people who disagree with them. They can also influence our policies and rules. We are allowing open and flagrant Marxists to steal our rights and freedoms.

Canada is sliding down the very dangerous and slippery slope of authoritarianism.

We either stand up and fight for our rights. Or we let cowardly monsters like this take them all away.

It’s time for Canadians to decide. Did your ancestors die for nothing? Or will you fight to ensure your children and grand children maintain the freedoms your ancestors provided you?

You don’t need to be as brave as your ancestors. They charged beaches in Normandy, charging to their almost certain death. You just have to stand up and speak. What’s the most you’re risking? Your job? You can get a new job. You can start your own business. You have all sorts of options. Your ancestors didn’t have such options, and yet they still sacrificed for you to live free.

Will you simply stand by now and do nothing?